Wednesday, August 09, 2006


link here
This is our 3rd and final assignment entitled 'Quest'.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

one more day

Today is the day before out final project is due.
Ours is not done. Hopefully, it will be. I have dedicated the last two days (and next two) to completing the assignment. Will be editing today and tomorrow if necessary.

Most classmates came to the realization yesterday that the computers that we are provided (thanks Jeb) are antiquated and cannot process video properly. Basically the lab desperately needs an upgrade if we (the students) are going to engage ourselves with new journalistic tools. If not, the school will simply fall behind in the competitive field of education.

Yesterday, I read the article hanging in our department's lobby, which explained education is the area of the field (journalism), which is flourishing. Last week, I heard on CNN or MSNBC that overall enrollment will be shrinking at colleges during the next ten years. YIKES! Sounds like if USFSP wants to tout journalism as one of the programs of distinction some work needs to be done. Competition will be nibbling at its heels.

I am planning to graduate Spring 2007. So will I benefit from any upgrades? Not directly. Though when I am asked about my alma mater, I would like to proudly say University of South Florida, in St. Petersburg. That way I won't have to explain how the school was once promising. (Better yet, if I decide to follow though on my Masters, I won't have to move far to receive a viable degree.)

Enough. It's time to finish editing.

Friday, August 04, 2006

work in progress

I enjoyed watching the other groups progress.
It is helpful to view the work being completed.
Everyone is at a different place on the project and working
on their own pace but all have gotten a substantial amount done.
I have enjoyed getting the 'inside' look at the progress made, it emphasizes the fact that producing (well-done) pods takes planning and production time. No way around it. We could throw together something quickly but it would look like crap.
I don't always like sharing work 'in process' but in this setting I think it is helpful.