Thursday, July 06, 2006

Blogs and Vlogs

I must admit ever since a friend sent me a YouTube video clip a couple of months ago, I've been hooked. I would spend off time staring at the screen looking for the next laugh.
There is so much more out there than I could imagine. Some trends I discovered were disturbing. Can't tell you how many 'fight scene' clips are out there.
I had seen mashups but never knew the name for them.
I'm looking forward to this class. As a documentary photographer, I see video storytelling as another tool for communicating ideas and expanding my visual language (my primary interests).
The thought of a diary online never interested me. I viewed blogs as something bored, prepubescent schoolgirls did to expand their make-believe social life. Had no idea that I would participate in writing one. (Up until two weeks ago I had no idea that I would create a myspace home page either!)


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