Thursday, July 06, 2006

Readings from Books

The reading assignments were helpful. Some of the terminology was familiar, some was new. Most of my digital photography knowledge is self taught... So it is interesting to learn some of the technical background to 'fill in the holes', so to speak, in what I've been able to piece together on my own. Needless to say I learned fast, and anticipate a similar 'learning curve' with digital video as a medium.

I'm not ready to purchase a video camera, but is good to know something about the market. The readings put some of the technical information into perspective. The chapter(s) indicated which features are more useful and which ones are more or less fluff.

While reading the iMovie book in a coffee house on Central Ave. I noticed the guy sitting next to me edited video on his Mac notebook. I quietly watched while he clipped and added some fades and transitions. He was appeared to be concentrating intently so I did not bother him.


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