Thursday, September 14, 2006


We were given an assignment to write about a time we remember receiving criticism for my Editing I class. As I recalled such a time, the value of the 'event' became evident. So therefore I am posting it here as well in case it stirs anyone else's memory.

I don't remember any writing criticism, but certainly remember the weekly portfolio reviews in photography school. There were a couple of times, especially the 'end of semester' critiques, that got my heartbeat racing.
Once was asked by a panel of three teachers to explain certain choices I made producing a multimedia slideshow. I was forced to grapple with new vocabulary and justify my decision/editing process to these professionals. One instructor said, "let him bleed", meaning, don't rescue me, don't feed me answers, let me sit in my 'unsuredness'. That experience taught me to come out of my shell, make sense of powerful communication tools and learn to articulate the process.
No matter how uncomfortable it was at the time, I am now grateful for many experiences such as that in school. They taught me to engage, and connect to my passion.


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