Friday, July 21, 2006

to tell a story

Finally getting caught up on some reading tonight. Between reading the textbooks and working on the project assignments, I've fallen behind on the readings posted on blackboard. The examples of scripts Dorian gave us match the format with which I'm more familiar. The two column scripts help layout the story better, in my opinion than the examples given in 'Exploring Digital Video'. It's structure assists with timing of action, movement, and perspective. Since after all more than one thing is going on at one time.
Another comprehensive resource for our process of video storytelling...
The silence Speaks site was moving. I noticed that their site has not been updated in a couple of years and was wondering what new stories they my have to share. They did after all the site includes war as an act of violence. I wanted to see if they would offer any pieces describing the effects of the most recent conflicts that the U.S. has gotten itself into.
The stories I did view were very moving. I viewed the 'Capturing Wales' last, which in comparison felt uplifting. (!)
I found the opening quote on the Silence Speaks site.


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