Saturday, September 16, 2006

weekly blog review~one

note: I decided to change one of my blog choices. The Daily Kos was way too large a blog for 1 person to successfully review every week. (unless I quit my job and dropped my classes) So I will review 'The Feed'. Eric Deggans, St. Petersburg Times Media critic, writes The Feed for the

This week David Pogue (Pogue's Posts, featured a few of his observations that reflect how technology impacts today's world. He reviews the hoax of LonelyGirl15. He suspected this vlog (video blog) to be a phony. His experience with the medium pays off.
David also observes that some of the guideposts to our audible world has became outdated due to technological advances. (i.e. the busy signal on the phone, the sound 'ka-CHING' from the cash register, or the 'ding' of typing to the end of the page on a typewriter.) Very astute on his part. I'll never listen to Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon the same way ever again!
He also introduces us to pixel artists. Here's A video done entirely in pixel art!

The most interesting post on this week is the online interview announcement. The readers could e-mail questions to Mark Hancock. He will be interviewing film maker and documentary photographer, Denis Delestrac this week. Mark will post the interview on the blog. This way others will be included in the interviewing process.

Finally, Eric Deggan's, The Feed: Eric is getting clever. He realized in order to generate more hits on his site, he could mention hot topic key words that would trigger recognition by majority of internet searches. Therefore, driving viewers (eyeballs) to his blog. (even though he may not cover the particular subject in any depth in his blog)
This weeks hot key words were Cruise (as in Tom, Katie, and Suri) and Debra Lafave. I can't say I blame him for not wanting to write anything else about any of these! Enough said. I hope his hits increase though because I find issues on his blog interesting such as the post questioning whether Nancy Grace's approach was too extreme concerning the interview with Trenton Duckett's mother (who killed herself the same day). It ties together the influence on the media to impact the news, crossing the line and becoming part of the news instead of reporting it. Eric reminds us of another incident that resulted in a murder of a Sarasota woman after an interview. I recall Sally Jessie Raphael being in the spotlight for a time for a similar suicide case. These topics are far too important to be swept aside for another entry about tomkat.


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