Saturday, September 23, 2006

weekly blog review~two

This was a light week for Pogue's Posts. As I've mentioned before though, Steve Pogue is sweet on Apple. He had four posts this week. Only one did not promote an Apple product. (It would have, if Apple made cell phones!) Wonder how much Apple, Inc. stock this guy owns? The coolest link on his site this week will convert your phone number into word/number combinations. Mine offered some lame choices but check it out for yourself at

I must admit I'm disappointed with Mr. Hancock's PhotoJournalism blog this week too. He posted a series of Brazilian Jui Jitsu demonstrations, some pics from his local high school football games, and a couple of local Beaumont features. His site is subtitled 'Professional photojournalist Mark M. Hancock discusses photojournalism and the eccentricities associated with gathering images for major U.S. daily newspapers.' I though he would blog more about his process and thoughts, not just display his pictures with captions.

Thank you Mr. Deggans for coming through for me this week. The Feed proves to be an interesting read once again. He points out the idiot patrol over at CNN (Christiane Amanpour and Anderson Cooper excluded). I couldn't agree with him more. But guess what? The lineup on MSNBC is just as weak with the exception of Chris Matthews' Hardball (O.K., O.K. and occasionally Obermann). The Doc Blocks are lame reruns too. I thought competition was a good thing, perhaps raising the journalistic bar. It appears that both gave the other permission to lower standards and seduce the viewers with mind prattle. Let's just call it downFOXing the viewer.
Deggan's recycles a list of his 10 favorite T.V. shows. Just filler here.
He also recaps his interview with Dennis Miller. (Is he still on the air?) But enough. (See downFOXing.)



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