Thursday, July 13, 2006

Moving On

I re-vamped my mash movie, only to find that many of the clips did not save properly. It was a disappointment to find this out after working on it for hours. I wanted that sense of accomplishment. Maybe I will go back at another time to re-do it again.
For the time being I need to move forward.
Had an idea for a comical clip, but will shelve it for the time being since it involves quite a bit of shooting video (maybe usable for the third assignment). This second assignment was to incorporate still photos into a story. I spent some time gathering background info for my story (checking facts) before I began writing the script. I want to finish recording it so that I can get it on the computer on Friday so the sound editing can begin.
I scrounged for images. I had quite a few in mind, but only found a few chromes. I think the rest of what I wanted to use is in storage in Orlando. Will probably be able to work without them if there are plenty of images on the internet to 'borrow'.
Last time I did an assignment like this it was on a Wallensac system with a tower of stacked projectors. Times have changed.


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