Monday, October 16, 2006

weekly blog review~4

This week in Pogue’s Posts David shares a Futurephone site with us. The web site explains how to make international toll free calls.
The call is made to an Iowa phone number then transferred to your designated long distance number. The only charge is calling Iowa. If you are calling in the evening or on weekends from your cell phone then the call is actually free.
The only drawback with this plan is that the destination number cannot be a cell phone number. See the Futurephone web site for a current lists of countries able to be reached.
Later in the week David addresses readers concern for security realitive to the Futurephone's service for free international calls.

The ‘phosaic’ on Hancock’s PhotoJournalism blog was colorful and interesting. Using mosaic tile techniques, Mark Hancock creates a huge photomural. The piece is created using 225 digital images. Mr. Hancock offers instruction to construct a ‘phosaic’.

The most moving entry on his blog this week was the photo essay of the Patriot Guard Riders. This collection of photos illustrates more than 200 bikers that ‘shielded’ a grieving family from the eight Baptist anti-war protesters that attempt to make a political statement at the funeral of Staff Sgt. Edward Charles Reynolds, Jr. The bikers converged on the event displaying a multitude of U.S. flags and wearing their own colors. Various bike clubs from Texas and Louisiana came together to honor the fallen soldier and offer his family a wall of dignity from the protesters.

Eric Degan’s ‘The Feed’ covers the gamut from ‘Lost’ plotlines to the Google buyout of You Tube. (not to mention the St. Petersburg Times redesign) One entry announced the appearance of Poynter’s Roy Peter Clark and N.Y. Times’ Frank Rich on Oprah. I have enjoyed listening and learning from all three. The episode last week highlighted the current state of our popular culture, the national administration, and journalism. It was an informative hour.

Much space was dedicated introducing and explaining the St. Petersburg Times redesign. Degan’s says that the paper will strengthen its partnership with Bay News 9. According to Degan’s this new alignment will raise the papers profile in the bay area and supply content to the news program. (I think Bay News 9 needs better content than the paper needs advertising.)


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