Thursday, July 20, 2006

Sound and Fury

Tonight I was able to use what I read in the 'Manual' in regards to sound editing. I reduced some of the noise and began laying the Foley track. I was surprised how much I was able to remember from the book. I thought it was only going to be useful as reference but I was wrong. Also, spending some quality chill out/no hurry/don't have to be anywhere time on Tuesday really paid off. I can see that once the software became a little more familiar, new techniques came easier. I refer to it as learning to think like the software. Learning the in's & out's and some of the shortcuts make me feel less helpless. (I know that I've only begun to scratch the iMovie surface though, too.)

The next step will be to get more face time in the lab to lay down a music track and add the transitions. Some of the clips will be getting the 'Ken Burns' effect before it's time to compress and upload. Somes easy enough but I know now how long it all can take!

One other item, I noticed that not everyone's blog was linked to Dorian's. And not all the QuickTime links seem to be working. Maybe I have to adjust some setting on my 'puter, but some of the clips are running fine...,huh? Wanted to watch 'Incredible Beauty' again!


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