Saturday, October 21, 2006

weekly blog review~5

David Pogue lambastes Microsoft (again). During his research for his upcoming book about MS Vista David is all too quick to criticize. I am well aware by this time that Pogue is an Apple man and will let you know that at every opportunity. (I still surmise Jobs gives him kickbacks.) Pogue picks on Microsoft's new IE7 too.

He also mentions the Bio-Optic Organized Knowledge (or BOOK) and Sony's E-Reader. These little devises sound useful. I wonder if you could download audio books as well for the visually impaired. It would be cool if the system could 'read' to you. My father is legally blind and enjoys listening to books on tape. technicalecal comprehension level is extremely low. It always feels like a struggle to get him to consider anything that may assist him. Anyway, I thought these devices might actually be something he could use with some guidance without getting overwhelmed. Audio books are far more expensive than the price point for these e-books. It could give him hours of enjoyment at a far more reasonable cost (once the initial investment in the equipment is made, roughly $350).

Mark Hancock displays his South Texas State Fair photos on a couple of entries this week. The pictures include rides, animals, and the food at the midway.
His PhotoJournalism blog also included a couple of comprehensive entries outlining a curriculum for teaching digital photography at an elementary level. He goes into considerable detail for grading and lesson plans. He lays out quite an extensive plan that could be implemented over the course of a semester.

Of course Eric Deggan's The Feed mentions the St. Petersburg Times redesign (again). Actually, I found the Times' flash expose about the redesign changes well done, comprehensive and easy to follow. Slick.
The Feed also makes way for a 'guest blogger'. Jay Cridlin, from TBT interviews Demetri Martin in an entertaining piece.
The Feed also pays tribute to local radio personality Bob Lassiter. He recently died from complications from diabetes. Deggans eloquently says goodbye while introducing me to Lassiter's touching blog documenting the last year of his life. So long, Mad Dog.


Blogger poguenyt said...

"David Pogue lambastes Microsoft (again) in his Vista review."

Dude--you are WAY off the mark.

I have never reviewed Windows Vista. So If you think I did and gave it a bad review, then apparently you're the one having kneejerk responses. You didn't even bother to read the article you thought you saw.

As a matter of fact, I think Vista is mostly terrific and will say so -- when I DO finally review it.

--David Pogue

12:03 PM  

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